Cotton woven labels are the perfect touch to your unique projects! Name Maker offers a variety of beautiful personalized clothing labels, but if you’re looking for natural fibers, these labels are for you! Our cotton woven labels are 100% Egyptian cotton and come in a variety of widths and designs. Choose from existing designs, or upload your logo for a custom touch!

Use Cotton Woven Labels That Are Made to Last & Customized for You

Shop for woven cotton labels custom designed at Name Maker! We offer our cotton woven labels an assortment of sizes, fifteen different text and label color options and cotton labels customized with your logo. Our super-soft personalized cotton clothes labels are woven and made of 100% pure Egyptian cotton and durable enough to remain perfectly intact through high-heat washing, drying and even dry cleaning. Any of our custom cotton woven labels are perfect for clothing, knitting, crafts and all your sewing projects. Browse our selection and place your order today!

The Benefits of Using Cotton Woven Labels from NameMaker

If there's one thing that will make your projects look professional and stand out, it's custom woven cotton labels. They are the perfect way to advertise your brand, sign your creations and personalize a gift with the owner’s name. The following are just a few of the incredible benefits of using custom cotton woven labels on your unique projects.

  • Custom Cotton Labels are a Subtle Advertising Tool

    Whether you're a small business owner or a large clothing company, the best way to brand your designs is with cotton woven labels displaying your logo. It's one of the best ways to get the word out about your brand without spending a ton of money and being overly obvious with your advertising. Your customers will appreciate beautiful, professionally made woven cotton labels and recognize the value it adds to their projects or garments.

  • Woven Cotton Labels Add Value & Personality to Your Designs

    The cherry on top of a completed creation is a woven clothing label displaying your name. Customers, friends and family will recognize the dedication to using premium cotton woven labels and remember the care you put into each commercial creation or handmade gift.

  • Personalized Cotton Labels Make Your Projects Special

    Want to make your commercial clothing or handcrafted gifts extra special and thoughtful? All it takes is an attractive, professional woven cotton label with the owner’s name. It allows you to not only showcase your brand but display your attention to detail and care. First impressions are everything. So, make sure you're putting your best foot forward and using customized cotton labels from Name Maker.

With a minimum purchase of fifty made-to-order cotton woven labels, you can get started on personalizing your next creation. Check out our ⅜” custom labels, ⅝” personalized labels, and 1” tailor-made labels constructed with premium, woven cotton to promote your professional quality and design.

What is a cotton woven fabric?

A fabric that is 100% cotton is not necessarily woven. Many people often confuse this issue. The term “woven” describes the construction of a given fabric rather than the material from which it is made. Unlike knit fabrics which are a continuous piece of thread, woven fabrics follow a basket-weave pattern with the threads running perpendicular to each other.

How is cotton woven?

Of course! At Name Maker, we embrace the use of your custom artwork or logo. We offer completely custom, printed waterproof stickers for no extra fee. Need assistance creating or formatting your artwork? Give us your requirements and we'll work with you to create your perfect design!

What are the advantages of woven cotton?

Woven fabrics tend to be rigid and sturdy as opposed to soft and flexible. As a result, woven fabrics, like denim, linen and tweed, are more durable and outlast knit materials like T-shirts. You want your custom cotton labels to be woven for these reasons. Your commercial clothing or handmade creations will go through daily use and regular washes, and you want a cotton label attached to it that is strong and long-lasting.
cotton woven labels

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