Add a personalized touch to your items and craft projects with our personalized sticker labels! Personalized stickers are the perfect way to make your presents, school items, and artwork stand out. Whether you’re looking for waterproof stickers, gift stickers, or personalized address stickers, NameMaker has you covered. Explore our personalized sticker label collection today!

Personalized Stickers from Name Maker

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Name Maker’s custom vinyl stickers are the perfect touch to your home, office, school and craft projects. With endless possibilities and a variety of customization options, you will find the perfect sticker labels and stickers to give your business, hobby and even gifts a personalized touch.

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Our custom waterproof stickers are the answer to customizing and keeping track of important items for you and your family. Need to alert people to a food allergy or medical alert? Our customizable medical and allergy waterproof stickers can quickly caution people to a particular sensitivity.

Use our custom waterproof vinyl labels on:

  • Coffee cups & water bottles
  • Sippy cups and baby bottles
  • Food storage containers, bakeware and cookware
  • Shower caddies and toiletries
  • Lunch bags and boxes
  • School supplies
  • Sports and yoga equipment
  • Outdoor and pool items
  • Beach toys and swim equipment

These fun and affordable personalized sticker labels are perfect for labeling items that come into contact with water or need to be washed. They can even withstand refrigerator and freezer temperatures.

Personalized Sticker Labels For Gifts

Whether it's homemade baked goods, a hand-woven scarf or custom-made pieces of art, your presents will always stand out when they are enhanced with personalized gift labels. You can create your personalized sticker label with a design from one of our exclusive options or upload your own logo or artwork. Our customizable gift stickers come in a variety of options, including holiday, hobby-specific and everyday themes, making them the perfect vinyl labels for every occasion.

Personalized Stickers and Return Labels

Family and friends will know you sent their items with care and clients will quickly recognize your logo with our custom address labels. We carry a variety of themes, including:

These custom vinyl stickers provide opportunities to market your brand, convey your personal style or show your love for a hobby or sport. Name Maker's vinyl labels are durable, waterproof and unique.

Personalized Sticker Label