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Woven clothing labels are essential when making and selling your own garments. Having accurate woven labels for clothing will ensure your customers are happy with their purchases. Name Maker offers a wide selection of woven labels for clothing that can be added to any garment for a professional touch. Looking for something more personalized? We offer cotton woven clothing labels, too!

Quality Woven Clothing Labels for an Extra Touch of Care

Woven clothing tags may be functional, but if they're good quality, they can also elevate the look of your garment. Quality woven clothing labels show buyers that you care enough about your product to look after all the details, right down to the care clothing label.

At Name Maker, we offer an assortment of pre-designed labels to get the job done. Each care clothing label is 100% woven and uses quality thread on a white background. All of these woven clothing labels are neatly cut, folded and ready to be sewn into your product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woven Clothing Tags

Our customers occasionally ask us questions about our woven clothing labels, and we'd like to share the answers with you. Maybe you've had the same question yourself. Or, perhaps there's another question that you don't see here. If that's the case, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

Can I Personalize a Care Clothing Label?

No, these woven size labels for clothing are not customizable. They were designed with generic messages that make it easy to label apparel. If you want special message tags for your products, please shop our selection of personalized clothing labels.

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Do All the Woven Clothing Labels Use Black Thread for the Messaging?

Most of them do, yes. The size, care, content and origin labels are woven using black thread. One exception is the U.S. Flag label, which features red and blue ink on a white background.

Do You Have Woven Size Labels for Children's Apparel?

Yes, we have size labels for infants and toddlers starting at three months up to 4T. Our other sizes are simply numbered from four to 16 and petite to XXL to encompass apparel for children, women and men.

Name Maker Has the No-Fuss Woven Clothing Labels You Need

Your customers appreciate clean woven clothing tags that convey messages like the origin of your product, its size and how to care for their new apparel properly. By using clear, easy-to-read messaging and quality materials, we can provide you with a care clothing label that gets the job done simply and easily. Rely on Name Make for the best woven clothing labels. And remember, if you need custom labels to make an amazing presentation for your products, we can help you there, too. Find all the product labels you need right here today!