Camp Labels Made To Go Wherever Your Child Goes

If your child is going off to camp this year, make sure they have durable camp clothing labels to ensure they come home with everything they left with! Our collection of camp labels for clothes is customizable and includes options for one, two, three and even four lines of text. Include vital information like your child's name, camp name, room number, home phone number and anything else you may deem important.

NameMaker labels for camp are available in iron-on and sew-in options and are incredibly easy to apply. We also offer mini camp stickers and waterproof stickers that are perfect for water bottles, thermoses, food containers, sunscreen, pool toys and more. We even have personalized address stickers so your child can keep you updated on all the fun they're having and the memories they're making! We're proud to offer reliable camp labels that are better than the rest and will give your child the ability to keep track of their belongings while away from home.

Shop Camp Clothing Labels That Stay Put

We don't mean to brag, but our camp labels really are the best. One of the most common questions we get is, "Do your iron-on labels really stay on?" We can confidently answer that with a resounding YES! Customers have been relying on our iron-on camp label material for over 70 years. When you iron on one of our camp clothing labels to fabric, it creates a permanent bond that adheres the two pieces together. And our camp labels won't fade and can withstand high-heat washing, drying and even dry cleaning. Because at NameMaker, we know camp labels for clothes have to be as resilient as your child, so they can withstand whatever adventure your child goes on next!

Smart Ways to Use Camp Labels and Stickers

Our tailored selection of stickers and labels for camp can be used in countless creative ways. The following are just a few of the many ways our customers love to utilize our popular camp labels.

Camp Labels for Shower Caddies
Make sure your child keeps track of their shower items and caddy by using customized camp stickers. They're waterproof and dishwasher safe!
Camp Labels for Backpacks and Luggage
Don't have an embroidered backpack or luggage? Sew in custom camp labels to the outside and inside of your child's bag.
Camp Labels for Sleeping Bags or Sheets
If your child is going away to camp, they typically will be asked to bring their own sleeping bag or bedding. Sew labels for camp into each piece of the sheet set or sleeping bag to ensure it all comes home with your child at the end of camp.
Camp Labels for Clothes and Accessories
A kid takes a lot of clothing to camp with them. Make sure it all comes back safe and sound by using our camp labels for clothes. With options to sew them in or iron them on, it couldn't be easier to make sure all of their things are labeled correctly.
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