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Our nursing home clothing labels are designed to help you or your loved one prevent lost items while in the care of a nursing home. These durable labels are easy to apply and won’t fade over time. Protect your belongings with our nursing home clothing labels, or view other types of personalized clothing labels to meet your design needs.

Use Reliable Nursing Home Labels for True Peace of Mind

At Name Maker, we've been creating and manufacturing nursing home clothing labels since 1938. Our nursing home labels are made to be soft to the touch and incredibly durable, staying put through home laundry and dry cleaning. You can personalize our nursing home sew-on and iron-on name labels with all of your loved one's information. Our nursing home name labels are 100% customizable, non-fade and laundry-safe.

FAQs About Name Maker Custom Waterproof Stickers

Name Maker labels are ideal for all nursing home settings, whether you're staff or a resident. Call us at 1-800-241-2890 to place your rush order of custom nursing home clothing labels today!

Benefits of Using Nursing Home Clothing Labels

Whether you're moving yourself or a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility, it can be an overwhelming time. It's often a comfort to have one's personal belongings around in what feels like a foreign land. But living in a shared facility means these items can easily get lost. This is why it's so important to have things clearly labeled with nursing home labels to reduce the risk of lost items.

The Label Will Never Fade

You won't ever have to worry about your nursing home name labels wearing away or fading. At Name Maker, we have perfected our design for these popular labels through the use of indelible ink. They won't ever fade and can withstand high-heat washing, drying and dry cleaning.

The Label Will Never Come Off

No really! Our iron-on nursing home labels permanently adhere to any fabric and won't ever budge. Our process is far superior to the stick-on clothing labels other companies sell. Need to remove a label because you're donating some clothing? Give us a call, we can provide instruction on how to remove your labels.

The Label Is Easy to Apply

At Name Maker, we make it easy to apply multiple iron-on nursing home labels to you or your loved one's belongings.

  1. Remove the iron-on label from the packaging and place it on the desired spot on an item of clean, dry clothing.
  2. Cover the label with parchment paper, adjust your iron temperature to high and turn off the steam.
  3. Iron the label on the piece of clothing without steam in a gentle back-and-forth motion for 8 to 15 seconds. Wait 24 hours after ironing to wash the garment.
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