How to Sew On Clothing Labels

How to Sew On Clothing Labels

Adding clothing labels is a quick and easy way to bring a professional touch and help brand your handmade or personalized garments. Whether you want sew-on clothing labels for pieces you're planning to sell or you'd like to add a label to a handcrafted gift, knowing how to do the job right is an important skill. With a few basic tools and techniques, you can easily attach labels to any piece of clothing and give it a polished, finished look. This guide will walk you through the 6 steps of how to sew on labels so you can add a special touch to your handmade creations.

Buying the Right Sewing Label

If you've already purchased your sewing label, feel free to skip this section. If you haven't, read on! There are several kinds of clothing labels, but they fall into two basic categories – sew-in tags for clothing that are hidden inside your garment and sewing labels you want everyone to see.

Hidden Sew-in Tags for Clothing

If you're running a business that sells garments, you'll need sew-in tags for clothing that include this information:

  • Name of Your Company/Logo
  • Garment Size
  • Washing Instructions
  • Country of Origin

This type of label doesn't show. You may stitch it into the seam or the inside back of the garment.

Visible Sew-On Labels for Clothing

If you've made a handcrafted item for someone special, you'll want everyone to see your sew-on labels for clothing. Maybe your tag will say something like "Made With Love From Grandma B" or "Created Especially for You By Emily Johnson." Make it your own by adding color, choosing a typeface that mirrors your style and/or including a graphic element.

How to Sew On Labels in 6 Steps

Once you've acquired your labels, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Determine where you want the label to be attached.
  2. Choose the color thread you want to use. Maybe you want it to blend in, or perhaps you'd rather have a contrasting color. The choice is up to you!
  3. If you're inserting the sewing label in a seam, simply position the label between the two layers of fabric and stitch them together. That's all there is to it!
  4. If you're sewing the label onto a flat surface, it's a good idea to hold it in place using a washable glue stick, double-sided fabric tape or a straight pin.
  5. Using a sewing machine, stitch around all sides of the sewing label using a straight stitch. To add a little flair to your tag, affix the label using a decorative stitch along either side. If you decide to use a fancy stitch, it's wise to practice on a scrap of cloth to make sure you get the effect just right.
  6. If you're attaching sew-on clothing labels to an item you can't stitch on a machine (like a crocheted or knitted piece), you'll need to sew it by hand using a needle and thread. If you want the recipient to be able to remove the tag, you can use a whip stitch or simply tack down the corners. For a more permanent attachment, sew on the label using a backstitch.

Now you know how to sew on labels, and there's no end to the possibilities for personalizing your handiwork!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Sew on Clothing Labels

Want to know more about how to sew on clothing labels? Following are answers to some of the common questions we've received, but please let us know if you have others.

What Kind of Thread Should I Use With Sew-in Tags for Clothing?

It's best to use a strong and durable thread with sew-in tags for clothing. Cotton or polyester thread in a medium weight is usually a good choice.

What Type of Needle Is Best for Hand Sewing a Label?

If you're sewing a label by hand, choose a needle with a small eye and a sharp point, such as a size 8 or 9 needle. This will make it easier to sew through the label and fabric without damaging either.

How Should I Position the Clothing Label on My Garment?

For sew-in tags for clothing to be visible, they should be positioned in an easily readable spot on your garment, such as the back neckline or the waistband. Make sure to center your tag and keep it straight as you sew it on.

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