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Custom woven labels are a unique way to make your mark on your garments. Name Maker’s printed woven labels can be added to existing clothing items, or serve as the perfect finishing touch to handmade projects. Explore our designs below, or check out the rest of our personalized clothing labels today!

Shop Quality, Affordable Custom Woven Labels

Whether you want to label all of your children's outerwear to ensure it never gets lost or you want to add that finishing touch to your own design, our selection of custom woven labels has just what you're looking for! We have over 30 styles of affordable, personalized woven labels for you to choose from. Reach out for help creating your next woven labels with NameMaker.

Ordering Personalized Woven Labels from NameMaker

Our website strives to make purchasing custom woven labels online easy. With so many designs, colors, texts and fabrics to choose, knowing what you want and getting it exactly as you envision can be overwhelming. We are here to help make the entire process painless!

  • Can I Order Samples of Custom Woven Labels?

    Yes! Those within the U.S. can request up to three different stock, non-customized samples. We also offer press proofs of your design, but this may add additional time to the turnaround of the woven labels made especially for you.

  • Why Do I Get Charged Prior to My Woven Labels Being Shipped?

    Good question! We take great care in creating your personalized woven labels. Since all of our orders are custom, we have to charge as orders come in through the website, phone, fax or mail.

  • How Long Will It Take to Get My Unique Woven Labels?

    Our shipping times are approximate and aren't guaranteed by a specific date. Typically, our woven labels take 7-10 business days plus shipping time. Our 100% cotton woven labels are specially loomed in Europe and usually take 3 to 5 weeks.

To keep reading about ordering, designing and using our custom woven labels, be sure to check out our Help Center to learn more.

Custom Woven Labels Made in the USA

With the exception of our 100% woven labels being specially loomed in Europe, every other woven label we sell is processed, developed and constructed in the USA. Many other companies that make custom woven labels outsource their work to other countries. As a result, your woven labels can suffer shipping delays and lack the quality you expect. Custom woven labels made in the USA allow us to provide superior services and products to you. We even carry “Made in the USA” woven labels that you can proudly use on your own products!

Buy Cotton Woven Labels for Handmade Items

Personalized woven labels are the perfect, final touch to your handmade items and gifts. After hours, days or years of hard work, a woven name label marks the completion of your unique creation. Most of our woven labels for handmade items allow for three lines of custom text so you can put your name, the date and an additional quote that is meaningful to you or someone you care about. Check out our “Quilted By”, “Created By” and “Handmade By” personalized woven labels.

Woven Name Labels for Clothing

Custom woven name labels are an excellent way to mark clothing items that belong to you. You can also use them to personalize your commercial clothing products and make every item unique and special for each customer. Our cotton woven name labels for clothing can be ordered in bulk to meet the needs of your business.

What is the difference between woven and printed labels?

Like the names imply, woven labels have texts and designs woven into the fabric on a loom while printed labels have words and logos printed on top of the material. Each label manufacturing process has its advantages and disadvantages. Printed labels typically cost less and can be produced faster than woven labels. However, personalized woven labels last longer and look more professional.

How do I sew on custom woven clothing labels?

There are a variety of ways to attach your custom woven label to your next creation. To quickly sew on your unique woven label, put some washable glue on the back of your woven label and place it on your fabric in the location where you want to attach it. Place a hot iron on the woven label quickly and gently to help the glue set between your woven label and the fabric of your project. This will hold your label in place temporarily and the glue will washout when cleaning your fabric in the laundry. Edge stitch each end of your woven label up-and-down by hand or with a sewing machine. You can repeat this process two or three times on each end of your woven label, if you want to ensure a secure hold between your custom woven label and your fabric.
Printed Woven Labels

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