Learn More About NameMaker's Custom Clothing Labels

At NameMaker, we specialize in manufacturing small quantities of personalized clothing labels, as well as larger runs of iron-on clothing labels, cotton woven labels and more. We provide a large variety of clothing labels for sewers, knitters, quilters and crafters alike. With a purchase minimum of just 20 clothing labels, NameMaker is an economical solution for those requiring smaller clothing tag quantities.

Our custom-printed clothing labels are available in various materials and are perfect for those looking for labels with their own logo or artwork. We also have label solutions for schools, camps and nursing care facilities to ensure garments and gear aren't lost. Choose from our guaranteed iron-on or sew-on clothing labels. Click on any of our clothing tag categories for more information or to place an order.

Tips and Tricks for Attaching Clothing Labels to Garments

Clothing labels are the perfect way to give your designs an authentic feel. But labels can also be used to identify a garment as yours or a loved one's. The following are a few simple, no-fuss ways you can attach your new clothing labels.

1. Iron the Label
The easiest option for attaching your clothing label is to iron it onto the garment. Simply iron a label that has an adhesive onto the back of the piece of clothing. This option also allows you to easily remove the label if ever needed.
2. Stitch the Label on All Four Sides
Take your ready-made label and stitch all four sides of it anywhere on the garment. Typically, the upper back near the seam is the most common place to attach clothing labels.
3. Stitch the Label into a Seam
In order to stitch a clothing label into a seam, simply turn three ends under and stitch them in place prior to attaching the label to the garment.
4. Stitch a Loop into a Seam
If you're working with a long, slender clothing label, fold each end up to create two 90-degree angles. Then, place parchment paper or thin cotton fabric over the label to iron the two ends in place. Now, you'll be able to sew in the label with ease.
Custom Clothing Labels