About NameMaker Sewing Labels

Sewing labels are perfect for giving your creations that finishing touch. At NameMaker, we've been manufacturing high-quality custom sewing labels for 75 years. With a huge selection of personalized sewing labels to choose from, you can feel confident knowing you'll find the right sew-on label for your project. We can personalize and print your name on our woven sewing labels or you can embroider or stamp your name onto our vintage labels. Make sure everyone knows who made your creation by attaching one of our beautiful custom sewing labels onto your project today.

Our custom sewing labels are available in a variety of materials and are perfect for those looking for labels with their own logo or artwork. We also have a selection of premade designs ideal for whatever your labeling needs may be. Our sewing labels can also be used for schools, camps and nursing care facilities to ensure garments and gear aren't lost. Click on any of our sewing label categories for more information or to place an order today.

Finding the Right Custom Sewing Labels for Your Needs

At Name Maker, we offer many different types of labels for sewing projects. So, what is the difference between them all? We're glad you asked!

  • Printed Label. This option uses non-fading printing ink and is machine stamped or printed onto the label material.
  • Woven Label with Printing. This combination label uses a special printing process to personalize loomed woven label designs with text.
  • Completely Woven Label. This option is manufactured completely on a loom, this includes the text and design.

Commonly Asked Questions About Sewing Labels

We know creating labels for sewing creations can feel a little overwhelming. Where do you even begin? At Name Maker, we make it incredibly easy to customize your sewing labels, so you get the exact look you're going for. Keep reading for information about ordering custom sewing labels from Name Maker and be sure to check out our Help Center to learn more.

Are Woven Sewing Labels Nice?
Most definitely! Woven sewing labels are affordable and can often feel quite soft. They come in a slew of colors and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. No matter how many times you wash it, the logo or lettering will never budge.
How Many Sewing Labels Do I Need?
This will depend on your level of sales and your budget. Many suppliers offer low costs but with a massive minimum purchase count. At NameMaker, we work hard to be able to offer customers a low minimum quantity of label purchases to give small businesses the ability to establish their name and sales — without breaking the bank.
What Look Do I Want In My Personalized Sewing Labels?
Consider the feel of your brand. Is it funky and whimsical or chic and elegant? Having a general idea of your brand's image will help you immensely in the design process.
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