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Clothing Label manufacturers since 1938, we specialize in both small and large quantities of Woven Clothing Tags. Our stock woven clothing labels give designers, sewers, knitters, quilters and crafters a variety of clothing label choices for their products. Also perfect for those looking for Clothing Tags for business branding their products. These labels have Woven headings, icons or Borders for you to choose. You can then personalize them by selecting the specific text you would like imprinted onto the Label. With a minimum of 20 tags to purchase, this is an economical solution for those not needing larger woven clothing label quantities. Click below on one of the many sections of clothing Labels for more information or to place a Clothing label order.

Our personalized woven sewing labels give designers, sewers, knitters, quilters and crafters the opportunity to claim their handiwork as their own. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can find just the right customizable tags for your project. These woven clothing labels are also an excellent choice for businesses branding their products. Whether you're looking for something patriotic, religious, old-fashioned or flowery, we have a design that will suit your purposes. Select the custom woven sewing labels you want today.

Personalized Woven Sewing Labels With Panache

As an expert label maker since 1938, Name Maker understands the importance of having the perfect woven clothing labels for your projects. With a wide range of woven headings, icons and borders, our personalized woven sewing labels offer plenty of opportunities for customization. You can select from designs that accommodate one, two or three lines of personalization. With a minimum order of 20 tags, our custom woven sewing labels are an economical choice for any handicrafter.

Order Your Custom Woven Sewing Labels Today
Our woven designs won't fade or wash off. You can rely on Name Maker's expertise for the high-quality personalized woven sewing labels you want. Give each of your projects the personal touch with custom woven sewing labels. You can take pride in your creations when you use woven custom labels from Name Maker. If you have questions, please be sure to contact us or check out our helpful FAQ page. We look forward to supplying personalized woven sewing labels that will add the perfect finishing touch to your projects.