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Printed satin ribbon is the perfect finishing touch for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, wedding favors, and more. To make your gifts more memorable, order personalized satin ribbon from Name Maker. Our printed satin ribbon comes in 36 different colors and can be personalized with names, holiday greetings, and monograms.

Discover Beautiful Satin Ribbon for Your Business or Event

Personalized satin ribbons are an excellent idea for every event and occasion. Our custom satin ribbons are manufactured right here in our warehouse by our skillfully trained artisans, resulting in unmatched quality. As a pioneer in the personalization industry, Name Maker has been custom printing items since 1938. And for over 20 years, we've been personalizing our satin ribbon just for you.

We use a unique nine-step process to guarantee our printing doesn't rub off the ribbon. And all black ink that's printed on our satin ribbon is machine washable and dry clean safe. Order our printed ribbon with your custom logo or artwork for product branding, corporate advertising or retail packaging — the possibilities are endless. And be sure to try our personalized satin ribbons for weddings, showers, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, christenings, anniversaries and more. If you're looking to get your custom satin ribbons in a hurry, call (800) 241-2890 for rush 2-day shipping.

Ways to Use Our Custom Satin Ribbon

From using gold satin ribbon on gifts and packaging to incorporating white satin ribbon into wedding favors and ceremony programs, there are countless creative ways to use our popular satin ribbon. Many of our customers use them for birthday or shower favors because you can include names, due dates, wedding dates, words of congratulations and so much more. It's an affordable way to elevate your event and make it that much more special.

We also love how customers use our satin ribbon for gift packaging for holidays and special occasions. You can create custom satin ribbons for each person you're getting gifts for to make them feel extra special. Or include wording that marks the occasion each year, for example, "Smith Family Christmas 2020". It's the perfect way to add that special touch to your event or gifts. No matter how you use your personalized satin ribbon, you can be sure that people will remember and appreciate that you took the time and effort to create something extraordinary.

Create Personalized Satin Ribbons for Any Occasion

Customers absolutely love our premium personalized satin ribbons. They're an adorable and affordable way to add a touch of customization to gifts, favors, programs and so much more. Reach out today to learn more about our custom satin ribbons and how to create your very own for your next party or event!

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Personalized Satin Ribbons