Why Ribbon Sizes Matter: How to Choose the Right Size for Your Personalized Ribbon

Why Ribbon Sizes Matter: How to Choose the Right Size for Your Personalized Ribbon

When it comes to choosing personalized ribbon for your special event, DIY craft project or business branding, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the different ribbon sizes available. Ribbon sizes matter, as the ribbon's width can significantly impact your project's overall look and feel. Selecting the right ribbon size is crucial to ensure your personalized ribbon complements and enhances your design. In this article, we'll dive into the importance of ribbon sizes and provide practical tips and tricks for selecting the perfect one for your personalized ribbon needs.

The Many Uses for Personalized Ribbon

Personalized ribbons are incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous ways to add a special touch to different items and events. They enhance packaging and make gifts unique and personal. At events like weddings, anniversaries or corporate functions, they can be used as decorations, adorning chairs, tables and floral arrangements while reinforcing the event's theme or branding.

Personalized ribbons are also popular for crafting projects, scrapbooking and DIY décor, adding a distinctive flair to handmade creations. Furthermore, they're commonly used for promotional purposes, featuring company logos or slogans and are an integral part of award ceremonies, adorning medals and badges.

Available Ribbon Sizes

Ribbon sizes are typically expressed in terms of width. Smaller widths like 3/8" are perfect for delicate embellishments, while wider options like 1 1/2" are ideal for showcasing bolder text or larger designs. Standard widths include:

  • 3/8": Ideal for names, brief messages or website addresses
  • 5/8": You'll have a little more breathing room, but it's best to keep the message brief.
  • 7/8": Use a fancy typeface if you like. At this size, it will be more readable.
  • 1 1/2": Add a logo or monogram to make your message stand out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ribbon Size

Personalized ribbons provide a special touch that expresses attention to detail and a personal connection. However, choosing the right size for your customized ribbon can make a significant difference in achieving the desired impact.

Choosing proper ribbon widths is determined by these factors:

  • Event Type
  • Ribbon Use
  • Text and Design to be Printed
  • Visibility
  • Budget

Let's explore each factor to give you some ideas on how the right sizes of ribbon can create the desired effect for your project.

Ribbon Sizes

Event Type

Different events call for different ribbon widths. For grand events such as weddings or big celebrations, you might opt for larger, more striking ribbons that make a statement. On the other hand, smaller, more discreet ribbons may be preferable for professional or corporate events, where subtlety is more appropriate. It's essential to consider the event's overall tone and atmosphere when deciding on ribbon size.

Ribbon Use

The ribbon's intended use also dramatically affects its size. If you're using the ribbon to wrap a large present, for instance, you might require a wider and more durable size of ribbon. A thinner ribbon might be more suitable if it's used as a bookmark or for smaller craft projects. The function should always be a significant factor in determining sizes of ribbon.

Text and Design to Be Printed

If you're personalizing the ribbon with a message or a design, it's crucial to consider how that will look on different ribbon widths. Longer messages or complex designs may require a wider ribbon to be legible and clear. Conversely, a narrower ribbon size might suffice if you plan to print a small logo or a short, simple message. You should always ensure that the size of your ribbon complements the text or design you're printing on it.


If you want the ribbon and its message to stand out, consider a larger size of ribbon. A bigger ribbon will naturally draw more attention and make the message more visible from a distance. This can be especially important at larger events or in situations where the ribbon needs to be seen by many people.


Your budget also influences the size of the ribbon you choose. Wider ribbons are typically more expensive than narrower ones due to the extra material used.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ribbon Size

Following are a few tips and tricks to get the effect you want from the ribbon size you choose:

  • Double Up: If you want to use a thin ribbon size, but it's overwhelmed with too much messaging, consider using two ribbons. For example, let's say you want to create a ribbon to mark your wedding day. You could order a white ribbon with the bride and groom's names in blue. Then choose a second ribbon with a blue background and white type with your wedding date or messaging like "Congratulations" or "Together Forever."
  • Keep it Simple: Fancy type can be fun, but it can also be distracting. If you're just printing a name, it's probably not an issue – but if you're putting your company's tagline on a ribbon, it's best to stick with text that's easily readable.
  • Contrast Is Key: Choose a typeface that contrasts with your background. For example, a navy blue ribbon pairs well with white or light gray text, and a black typeface on a light background can be viewed without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Ribbon Sizes

If you'd like to learn more about ribbon sizes, read on. We've answered some commonly asked questions, but please reach out for additional info.

Are Personalized Ribbons Precut?

Personalized ribbon comes to you on a roll in the ribbon size you choose, with your message continuously printed on it. There will be an inch to two inches between each message to allow room for cutting your ribbons apart. You can use regular scissors or get fancy by cutting your ribbon with pinking shears.

How Do I Know What Ribbon Size to Order in Terms of Length?

The length of your message will determine how much ribbon you need to order. For example, a 7/8" ribbon with a 35-character message will yield five to seven ribbons per yard. If you order 10 yards of ribbon, your message will appear 50-70 times, depending on your chosen typestyle.

Can the Same Text Appear Better on a Different Size of Ribbon?

Yes, the visibility and appeal of the same text can vary depending on the size of ribbon chosen. Short text or small logos may look better and more proportional on a narrow ribbon. In contrast, longer text or more prominent logos may require a wide ribbon to accommodate them without looking cramped.

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Choosing the right ribbon sizes for personalized ribbons can make all the difference in conveying your intended message or aesthetic. It's worth taking the time to consider your specific needs, experiment with different sizes and even consult with professionals. Remember, the right ribbon size can amplify the personal touch you're trying to create. Browse our selection and start creating beautiful personalized messaging for your ribbon!

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