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You've taken the effort to create something beautiful by hand; now it's time to use knitting labels and tags to proudly claim it as your own. Whether you knit for personal reasons or for profit, our handmade labels for knitting are just what you need to identify your projects. We offer a wide range of labels for knitters proud of their handiwork. With our labels for knitting, you can choose from a broad array of styles, fonts and colors. A personalized knitting label adds a special touch to every project. When you order personalized knitting labels from us, you know you're getting the high quality and durable construction that Name Makers is known for. Review our options below and find the "knitted by" labels that are just right for you.

Gorgeous Personalized Knitting Labels for Handmade Items

Personalized knitting labels are beautiful finishing touches for your handmade projects. Whether you're in business for yourself or creating knitted items to give as gifts to family and friends, adding a personalized knitting label to your piece will make a lasting impression.

Knitters, crocheters and sewists all love our labels for knitting because they remind recipients of who created this gorgeous item for them. Check out our entire selection of custom clothing labels to find the one that will beautifully complete your lovingly made projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labels for Knitting

We receive many inquiries about our personalized labels for knitting, crocheting and sewing. We've responded to a few of them here, but feel free to contact us if you don't see an answer to your question.

What Are Woven Labels for Knitters?

These labels are woven from high-quality 100% cotton and make a beautiful addition to your lovely creations. You have a choice of several label colors and can choose the text color and style that will feature your messaging. The result is a personalized knitting label that makes your item stand out. Woven labels for knitters are finished on all sides. They can either be ironed on or sewed in, are machine washable/dry cleanable and are designed to last as long as your product.

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What Are Personalized Clothing Tags Made Of?

Clothing labels are fashioned in soft satin and have the artwork woven into them. Your custom message is added in black non-fade ink. You can get these knitting tags on a continuous roll or have them pinked-cut to prevent fraying (for an extra fee). This type of label must be sewn on and is washable or dry-cleanable.

Can I Sew My Name Onto the Label Myself?

If you want to sew, embroider or write your name on your label, choose our Vintage "Knitted By" labels. These handmade labels for knitting just need you to complete the messaging.

Name Maker Has the Knitting Labels for Your Next Masterpiece

Artists who are proud of their talent sign their works of art – and you should, too. You've created a beautiful item of clothing or an accessory that will be enjoyed for many years, and it deserves a label that will remind its owner of your handiwork. Find your knitting labels at Name Maker, and start making a name for yourself. Shop today!