Creative Ways to Use Your Personalized Ribbon

As we've mentioned, custom ribbon can be used for nearly any event or occasion — it's that perfect personalized touch that makes any celebration one to remember! From birthday personalized ribbon to custom wedding ribbon, NameMaker is your one-stop-shop for gorgeous, high-quality custom ribbons. Need a little inspiration? The following are just a few of the countless creative ways you can use your personalized ribbon to take your event to a whole new level.

Wedding Programs

Custom ribbon can be used to create decorative, personalized wedding programs. Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, add the happy couple's names and the wedding date, and voila — you have a thoughtful, personalized ribbon you can tie around your wedding programs.

Birthday Balloons

Our personalized ribbon can be used as a fun balloon tie for your next birthday bash. Simply tie a strand of custom ribbon securely around an already-knotted helium-filled balloon and you have an instant, adorable balloon string or bow!

Event Wristbands

Perfect for schools or community events, custom ribbons make for a fun and inexpensive event wristband and are ideal for monitoring attendance and security. Print the ribbon with your school's name or the name of the event to create a fun keepsake for attendees.