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Browse personalized birthday ribbon designed to make celebrations special. Name Maker offers custom birthday ribbon in a variety of colors, materials, and designs. Use printed personalized ribbon to lend a creative, personalized touch to balloons, gifts, streamers, or any other part of a birthday celebration.

Jazz Up the Party With Personalized Birthday Ribbon

It's somebody's birthday, and you want to do it up right — don't forget the personalized birthday ribbon! Tie it on the balloons, hang it from streamers and tie personalized birthday ribbons on guests' goodie bags. There are plenty of ways to put this festive accessory to use.

Of course, custom birthday ribbons can be used for so many other events – and the wide range of color and type options give you plenty of reasons to use personalized birthday ribbon all year long. Name Maker is here to provide you with all the custom birthday ribbons you can use. Happily, we have personalized ribbon for other life events, too. Check out our entire selection, and let's get the party started!

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Birthday Ribbons

If you've never heard of custom birthday ribbons, you may have a lot of questions about these decorative elements. Let us share some of the frequently asked questions we've received about personalized birthday ribbons. If we haven't addressed any questions you have, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss them with you!

How Many Times Will My Message Appear On a Roll of Personalized Birthday Ribbon?

The number of impressions you get per yard will depend on the type/style you choose and the number of characters in your message. Be sure to check your custom birthday ribbon's specifications for the maximum number of characters you are allowed to use.

Can Custom Birthday Ribbons Be Used for Other Occasions?

Yes, of course! There are many uses for personalized birthday ribbons, including:

  • Corporate Gifts: When you present a client with a gift basket, a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, a colorful ribbon with your company's name can be tied to your gift as a reminder of your generosity.
  • Hair Accessories: Tie up your child's ponytail with a ribbon featuring their name or a favorite saying.
  • Decorations/Displays: Use ribbons in scrapbooks, classroom bulletin boards or art projects.
personalized birthday ribbon

What Are Personalized Birthday Ribbons Made Of?

Most of the custom birthday ribbons we offer are made of satin, but we do have personalized poly cotton ribbon in white, as well. Most custom birthday ribbons offer a choice of ribbon color, typeface color, number of yards and, of course, messaging. The number of custom choices you have depends on the birthday ribbon you choose.

Find the Best Personalized Birthday Ribbon at Name Maker

Since 1938, we've helped to make birthday celebrations extra special with colorful ribbons that are the life of the party. There are so many options for custom birthday ribbons that we're confident you'll find the perfect decorative touch to enhance the success of your celebration. Shop Name Maker today!