Ways to Improve Your Marketing Efforts With Custom Logo Ribbon

Ways to Improve Your Marketing Efforts With Custom Logo Ribbon

Sometimes, it's the little marketing touches that put you over the top. Custom ribbon with a logo is one example of a marketing tool that's subtle but meaningful. It's an extra touchpoint with your customers that reminds them of your business at a glance. We'll talk about creative ways to use custom logo ribbon to boost your company's image and why Name Maker is the best place to find quality custom printed ribbons for your next promotional event.

What is Custom Ribbon With a Logo?

You've undoubtedly seen custom ribbons with a logo, although they may not have registered in your conscious memory. Custom logo ribbon is a continuous satin ribbon that's printed with the name of your company or your tagline. Another popular idea is printing the website URL of your business on a logo ribbon. Now that you know what a custom ribbon with logo is, let's talk about how to use it in marketing campaigns.

What Are The Uses For Custom Logo Ribbon?

You can get really creative and have fun with logo printed ribbon. Depending on the nature of your business, the sky's the limit. To help you get started, here are a few ways other companies have used custom ribbons with logos to promote their businesses.

Ribbon Logo For Corporate Promotional Events

Are you hosting a company party, a team-building event or fundraiser? Custom logo ribbon is the perfect marketing tool for enhancing your presence. Logo printed ribbon can be placed throughout the venue as a subtle reminder of who is responsible for the event. Some ideas for ribbon placement include:

  • Balloon Stands: Use custom ribbons with logo to tie up helium balloons to create a display at the entrance to your conference area.
  • Table Centerpieces: Wrap ribbon logo around the base of your candle, vase or other centerpiece elements to add a touch of flair. Or, create streamers of ribbons with logo, curl them and arrange them on the check-in table. For maximum impact, have your logo printed on a few different colors of satin ribbon to create a multi-color effect!
  • Napkin Holders: Glam up your table napkins by tying them with a strand or two of logo ribbon.
  • Name Tags: Incorporate custom printed ribbons into the plastic name tag holders your team members wear for your event.
  • Swag Bags: Add a decorative element to your swag bag or gift box by tying on a custom logo ribbon.
  • Prizes: When door prizes come wrapped with logo-printed ribbon, it's just another happy reminder of the thoughtful prize-giver.

Customer-Facing Custom Ribbons With Logo

Retailers have long recognized the value of tying a colorful logo ribbon around their product. It helps reinforce their brand and adds a festive touch to product packaging. Some of the marketing products you may have seen with a logo printed ribbon include:

  • Stuffed animals: Department stores often sell a proprietary bear or other stuffed animal during the holiday period, adorned with a pretty logo ribbon around its neck.
  • Perfume: Sidle up to the fragrance counter, and you'll often see logo printed ribbon decorating the showcases to promote various cologne and perfume brands.
  • Jewelry: This is one gift that is always well-received. Wrapping a custom ribbon with logo on a jeweler's box is the icing on the cake, especially when your brand is in high demand.

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Tagging a thank-you gift to a customer or valued employee is a lovely reminder that your brand has a thoughtful, caring vibe. When recipients share a selfie with their gift, your ribbon logo gets even more mileage!

Make Your Mark With Custom Logo Ribbon From NameMaker

Name Maker has the solution for your company by providing high-quality satin personalized logo ribbon in the sizes and styles you need. Choose from dozens of shades of ribbon, and we'll color print your logo on top. All of the logo ribbon from Name Maker is printed in the USA at our facility in Atlanta, Georgia – no need to wait for weeks for your product to arrive from overseas! We can offer you rush shipping if you need your custom logo ribbon ASAP. From real estate agents to bakeries, Fortune 500 Companies to local businesses, Name Maker has beribboned a wide array of retail and wholesale companies. Shop Name Maker today and start promoting your business in a creative new way with custom branded logo ribbons!

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