Custom Clothing Labels: A Guide To Personalized Labels For Clothing

Custom Clothing Labels: A Guide To Personalized Labels For Clothing

Custom clothing labels are most commonly found on the inside of your brand's clothing designs. They often contain your logo as well as information on sizing and care instructions for cleaning your garment. A custom label for clothing may also include a company slogan, tagline or website information. With customized clothing labels you can represent yourself or your brand exactly the way you want.

Your personalized labels for clothing are so much more than just a size tag or care instructions. They act as a company signature for all of your clothing designs, connecting your brand with your style while also increasing brand association and awareness. With personalized clothing labels, custom tags can create truly unique and original pieces of fashion.

Choosing The Right Custom Clothing Label For You

One of the first decisions regarding your personalized clothing labels is to choose the appropriate type and style for your garment. Each comes with its own unique qualities that can add to your clothing in its own way.

Woven Labels

Woven options are some of the most common types of custom labels for clothing. Often made from polyester or cotton, designers typically sew woven labels into clothing just below the collar or above the hem. In contrast, some custom clothing incorporates these labels into their overall design, for example, displaying them on a sleeve.

The polyester threads are woven together to fulfill your design requirements. Woven labels are among the most durable and long-lasting labels and present a classic look for your custom clothing labels.

Printed Labels

Like woven labels, printed labels are made from a type of material such as polyester or cotton. Instead of having the design sewn into the fabric, it is printed on top. These custom clothing labels tend to reduce turnaround time as printing can occur faster than having them woven together.

There is almost no limit to what you can have printed onto your personalized clothing tag. Printed labels are wash-resistant and won't wear off quickly, making them a cost-effective choice for most brands.

Iron-On Labels

Iron-on labels are easy to apply. They do not require a sewing machine and utilize a thermal-activated adhesive instead. This allows you to easily apply your customized clothing labels to any location.

Iron-on labels are printed on a variety of fabric options with an adhesive backing. Simply heat the adhesive and apply it to your clothing for beautiful, personalized clothing tags that complete the look.

Satin Labels

Satin labels utilize a weaving technique that gives the fabric a glossy finish. Satin labels are frequently used on garments where comfort is a priority. While often made from similar polyester and cotton materials used in woven labels, satin labels use a different weaving process that gives a soft, shiny appeal to your custom clothing labels.

Getting Started On Your Own Custom Clothing Labels

Name Maker provides a variety of customizable personalized labels for clothing and accessories. Explore thousands of label options in a variety of styles and colors to find the right customization options for you and your brand.

With so many options, Name Maker is sure to have the best custom clothing labels for you. Whether you need a small order for personal use or bulk orders for your clothing brand, read our guide on how to get started creating your very own personalized clothing labels in a few easy steps.

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