Satin Label vs. Woven Label Tags: Understanding the Material Difference

Satin Label vs. Woven Label Tags: Understanding the Material Difference

Your handicrafts are your pride and joy, so naturally, you want to label them in a way that reflects your personality. There are two basic tag types – satin label vs. woven label – and there are compelling reasons to choose each. In this article, we'll address this pressing concern by providing information on both woven label tags and satin labels for clothing so you can choose the type that suits you best. Once you've decided which label you prefer, we'll show you how and where you can create a label that beautifully brands your unique creations.

Introduction to Satin and Woven Label Tags

Let's talk labels – the kind that brands your goods and provides that final custom touch. We'll begin with the basics. What is a woven label? The image and text on woven label tags are created by weaving them into the fabric on a loom. A woven label isn't just for show; it's made to last. Now, let's look at your other choice. What is a satin label? Think of a silk tie –satin clothing labels are like that – smooth, shiny and a bit fancy. Unlike its woven counterpart, the image and text on a satin label are printed on top of the material.

The Charm of Satin Labels for Clothing

Imagine the smooth touch of satin against your skin – that's the feel of satin labels for clothing. Soft, glossy and with a bit of a sheen. These labels are a go-to for high-end fashion where the feel and look of every detail matter. But it's not all about looks. Satin clothing labels are also practical. They're flexible, easy to sew and don't irritate the skin, making them a dream for those cozy sweaters or that favorite tee. Don't be fooled by their pretty looks – satin labels can be washed repeatedly without fading. And did we mention they can be personalized? So whether you're going for satin labels that are bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated, you've got plenty of choices.

The Durability & Versatility of Woven Label Tags

Now, we'll switch gears to woven labels. A woven label is all about strength and durability. Made by weaving threads together, woven label tags resist wear and tear, giving them a permanent, more professional vibe. Custom woven tags offer plenty of versatility, too. They can be woven into all sorts of designs, fonts and colors, making them a fantastic choice for creative branding. Whether it's a logo, a tagline or a quirky design, woven labels can handle it. They're perfect for garments as well as crocheted or knitted projects.

Woven Label Tags

Practical Uses for Satin and Woven Labels

Woven and satin clothing labels serve practical and versatile purposes in various items. Let's explore how these labels enhance different types of products:

  • Dresses: Satin labels add a touch of luxury to dresses, especially in high-end fashion.
  • Tees: Woven label tags are ideal for tees, offering durability and comfort, especially in daily wear items.
  • Skirts: For skirts, either satin or woven labels work well, depending on the style.
  • Slacks: Woven labels are typically used in slacks.
  • Suits: Satin labels in suits convey a sense of sophistication and luxury.
  • Sweaters: Both satin and woven labels can be used depending on the sweater's style.
  • Pillows and Other Decor: Satin labels can add a decorative element to home décor items like pillows, giving them a branded, upscale appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions: Satin Label vs. Woven Label

Got more questions about satin label vs. woven label tags? You're not alone! We've answered a few common questions below, but please contact us if you'd like additional information.

What Is the Best Fabric for Labels?

The best fabric for labels really depends on the application and desired aesthetics. Woven labels made from polyester or cotton are top choices for durability and a professional look. They're strong, can handle lots of washes and work well for most clothing items. For a softer, more luxurious feel, satin clothing labels are ideal.

What Is the Most Durable Label Material?

Polyester stands out when it comes to durability in label materials. Polyester satin clothing labels are renowned for their resilience. They can withstand numerous washes, exposure to sunlight, and daily wear and tear without fading or fraying. Cotton is also durable and an excellent choice for a woven label. Pro Tip: Text and images tend to hold up better when woven into the material rather than printed on it.

How Can My Label Be Customized?

In many cases, satin and woven label tags have a graphic in place and all you have to do is add your text. For example, choose a label with a flower motif and add your name or a brief sentiment. The graphics and the amount of text you can add varies by label.

Name Maker Has the Right Label for Your Needs

It's decision time, but remember that you can't go wrong when you choose Name Maker. Whether you decide on a satin label vs. a woven label, you'll get a quality tag you can be proud to stitch into your finished pieces. And if you need to add a size or product care label to your finished items, Name Maker can help with that, too. So, go ahead, choose, and watch your designs come to life with the perfect label!


Watch as an experienced knitter stitches a custom label into her garment.

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