Browse our personalized ribbon supplies for a variety of occasions! At NameMaker, we carry multiple personalized ribbon rolls that can be customized and used for formal gatherings, casual social events, celebrations and get-togethers, and more. Whether you’re looking for awareness ribbons, wedding ribbons, or graduation ribbons, we’ve got you covered. Explore our various personalized printed ribbon today!

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A personalized ribbon, also known as a printed ribbon, is excellent for events, holidays, corporate branding, and much more. Our trained artisans manufacture our custom ribbons in our warehouse for unmatched quality. At NameMaker, we print various ribbons, including personalized satin ribbons, textured printed ribbons, and custom logo ribbons. Order our custom ribbon with your brand's artwork or logo for product branding, corporate advertising, or retail packaging. Or try our ribbon personalized for wedding favors, baby showers, birthdays, and gift wrap — there's a custom ribbon for every occasion. We have five ideas for DIY Christmas gift tags and ribbons if you're looking for a holiday gift. Need personalized ribbon printing done in a hurry? Call (800) 241-2890 for 2-day rush ribbon orders.

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Creative Ways to Use Your Personalized Ribbons

As we've mentioned, you can use customized ribbons for nearly any event or occasion — that perfect personalized touch makes any celebration one to remember! From birthday personalized ribbons to custom wedding ribbons, NameMaker is your one-stop shop for gorgeous, high-quality custom ribbons. If you have the skill, you can make hair bows with personalized ribbons at home. Need a little inspiration? The following are just a few of the countless creative ways you can use your personalized ribbon to take your event to a new level.

  • Use A Personalized Printed Ribbon for Wedding Programs

    You can use our custom ribbons to create decorative, personalized wedding programs. Choose a color that matches your wedding theme, add the happy couple's names and the wedding date, and voila — you have a thoughtful, personalized ribbon you can tie around your wedding programs. We even have some creative ways to use personalized ribbons for a wedding to remember.

  • Use Our Ribbon Personalization for Birthday Balloons

    Our personalized ribbon can be a fun balloon tie for your next birthday bash. Tie a strand of custom ribbon securely around an already-knotted helium-filled balloon, and you have an instant, adorable balloon string or bow.

  • Use A Name-Personalized Ribbon as Event Wristbands

    Perfect for schools or community events, personalized printed ribbons make for a fun and inexpensive event wristband and are ideal for monitoring attendance and security. Print the ribbon with your school's name, the event's name, or each attendee's name to create a fun keepsake.

  • Use Our Personalized Ribbon Printing for Logos

    A personalized ribbon featuring your logo and brand is an excellent way to promote your business professionally and reasonably. Whether decorating an event related to your business or giving gifts to new and existing customers, a customized ribbon is the perfect marketing tool.

Start personalizing your next creation, gift, or event with a personalized ribbon from NameMaker. As a premier ribbon maker and designer, we offer a wide variety of ribbon materials, colors, styles, and custom designs and texts. Check out our custom-printed satin ribbons and personalized poly-cotton ribbons to get started!

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Your imagination limits customizing ribbons. It can be challenging to determine what to do with your personalized printed ribbon with endless possibilities. Here are some easy ideas to get you started with custom ribbons:
  1. Use logo ribbons on your retail packaging.
  2. Use holiday-themed ribbons on party gifts and favors.
  3. Use custom printed ribbon as streamers in your window displays.
  4. Candles, balloons, vases, boxes, centerpieces, etc. If you can tie it, you can personalize it with ribbon.
  5. Use personalized printed ribbon on handmade cards for an extra special effect.
  6. Use personalized ribbon to make a boring packaging standout when shipping your commercial goods.


Once you have received your ordered personalized ribbon rolls, you’ll want to use them elegantly, timelessly, and professionally. There are many incredible ways to display and tie ribbon, but you cannot go wrong with a bow. Tying a bow with a personalized ribbon is straightforward, but perfecting every detail will take your design and decorations to the next level. Begin by tying a knot around the object you are decorating. Holding that knot with your index finger, you will now have the upper and the lower part of your custom ribbon. Make your first loop with the lower part of the personalized printed ribbon. Then bring the upper part of the ribbon over the top of that first loop. Fold the upper part of the ribbon on itself, tuck it behind the first loop, and pull it through to make the second and final loop of your bow. Adjust and tighten the bow to work out any imperfections. With excess ribbon on either side of your bow, fold it in half and then cut at an angle for a beautiful double-pointed finish on the ends of your ribbon.
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