How To Design Your Own Custom Sew-In Labels

How To Design Your Own Custom Sew-In Labels

Custom sewing labels give your homemade creations a personal touch. You can add your name (or your company name), a logo or a tagline to make your label a unique finishing look for any apparel, accessory or other handmade product. Read on to learn how to design custom sew-in labels to put your own unique stamp on everything you create!

What Are The Types of Customized Sewing Labels?

Woven, cotton and vintage custom sew-in labels each have a charm all their own. Based on your product, vision and needs, you can design personalized sewing labels that will put the "wow!" in your wardrobe, the "ooh!" in your crafts and the "ahh!" in your accessories.

Woven Personalized Sewing Labels

Artwork and wording are woven into a soft satin backing to create these personalized sewing labels. Woven labels can be customized by adding your message in non-fade ink that appears alongside the woven artwork. Choose from various sizes to create custom woven clothing labels that come to you either pre-cut or on a continuous roll. This type of label is washable or can be dry cleaned.

Cotton Customized Sewing Labels

Cotton cloth loomed from 100% cotton threads creates custom sewing tags that are soft yet durable. Choose the color of your label and the typeface, decide what the label should say, then add a design icon to create apparel labels that are one-of-a-kind. Cotton custom sewing labels are 5/8" in width but can be as long as you wish, based on the number of words you want to put on the tag. They can be created as either iron-on or sew-in pieces and can be machine washed or dry-cleaned.

Vintage Custom Sewing Tags

Vintage labels beautifully complement quilts, vintage clothing and retro accessories. These labels are pre-embroidered with different messages, leaving room for you to add your printed name or embroider it. These labels come on a roll that can be customized and cut down to size.

What Are Clothing Label Folds?

These are, quite simply, labels that fold over in the middle. Typically, these labels for sewing are used to indicate things like apparel size, content, country of origin or washing instructions. Clothing label folds are 100% woven, have a portion designed to tuck into the seam of a shirt (or hem of a skirt) and are not customizable.

How Do I Select The Right Label And Label Size For My Product?

The type of personalized sewing tag you choose will depend on the message you want to include and your budget. How many lines of copy are you trying to fit on your label? Are you adding a graphic element? One thing to keep in mind – satin labels are generally less expensive than their cotton counterparts.

What Do I Need To Consider When Designing My Custom Sew-In Labels?

There are three elements to take into account when you're creating your personalized sew-in labels. Consider how many words you are trying to put on the label, what font you want to use and the graphic or logo you're using.

  • Keep It Short: The less words you use, the more legible your message will be. Save a long slogan or tagline for other types of advertising. Your name or the name of your company is often enough to put on a personalized sewing tag.
  • Put Your Best Typeface Forward: You can elevate your brand identity by choosing the right font. Use bold, simple fonts for legibility and don't mix and match more than two fonts on one label. A playful font is fine if it fits the theme of your business, but stick with a classic font if your product embodies a more conservative style.
  • Picture This: Using a logo or graphic element can add personality to your custom sewing tags – provided it is legible and matches the mood you're trying to convey. The graphic should be very simple, without a lot of detail that will get lost in translation. Also, your graphic should be a single color.

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