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Celebrate Your Loved Ones with Custom Gift Ribbon

Picking out and giving the perfect gift to a friend or loved one is an experience many people cherish. When it comes time to share your gift, make sure your presentation is just as memorable with custom gift ribbon wrapping from Name Maker. Gift wrapping ribbon takes any present from standard to ornate, with custom colors to match your wrapping paper and personalized text unique to you and your recipient. Custom ribbons for gift wrapping are perfect for any occasion. As long as you want to add an extra bit of sentiment, you can use gift ribbons to convey your feelings of joy and love to your recipient. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day and weddings are perfect opportunities to add a gift ribbon to your special present. And with a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from, Name Maker is your one-stop shop to take your celebration to the next level.

How to Wrap Gifts with Ribbon

We can't all be gift ribbon wrapping connoisseurs – sometimes it's tough to get down the tricks of the trade. But you can add your custom gift ribbons to any present in just four easy steps, and we're here to teach you how. Just follow these simple instructions, and your custom ribbons for gift wrapping will look great every time.

1. Add Your Gift Ribbon

To start, you'll need to lay your wrapped box facedown on the ribbon for your gift (make sure you keep it about five times longer than the box). Pull the ends of your gift ribbon up, and bring the right end over the left. From there, pull the gift wrapping ribbon width-wise, so both ends cross.

2. Thread the Ribbon

You can then turn your box back over, facing you. The two ends of your gift ribbon should be about the same length. Thread each end under the piece of ribbon already in place.

3. Make a Double-Knot

It's time to double-knot your gift ribbon, followed by tying it again into a simple bow. You can use your fingers to shape the loops for this step.

4. Trim the Ends

You're almost there! For the final step, you can pinch the ribbon ends lengthwise and cut them at a 45-degree angle to create beautiful forked ends.

Following these simple steps, your custom ribbon for gift wrapping can be a masterpiece with the perfect amount of flair that shows how much you care.

Shop Custom Gift Ribbon at Name Maker Today

At Name Maker, we want to make sure you can find all the ribbons for gift wrapping occasions in one place. That's why our gift wrapping ribbons are available in a wide variety of materials and colors to match your exact needs. And with custom options to craft the perfect message or add your recipient's name, the possibilities for combinations are endless. At Name Maker, we want to give you the chance to say, "When it comes to my ribbon, gifts have never looked better." We've made our design process easy, just choose from one of our material options, create your color combination and add your personalized message! If you want to know more about our products, feel free to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions. Helping is our gift to you.
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