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Custom Gift Labels & Tags

When you give a gift, you're giving a part of you with it. Gift giving is an expression of love – the simple addition of personalized gift labels can add an extra level of personality and care to any gift. At Name Maker, we have a wide selection of labels for gifts you can customize and add to any outside packaging. When you browse our selection of gift tags, you'll find funny quips and cute messages that are sure to make any recipient smile before they even open the wonderful present you give them. We have tags for gifts perfect for any person, whether it be family, friends or your favorite coworker.

Gift Tags Add An Extra Accent of Love

The best part about tags for gifts is the extra layer of love and care the recipient knows you put into their gift. Wrapping a gift to perfection is one thing, but personalizing their name on a great design shows you put everything into making sure it's perfect. The best part is that you can use our custom tags for handmade items of any kind. These gift labels are stick-on stickers, so whether you've wrapped up a bicycle or a small box, a gift tag adds just the right accent. We've made sure our selection fits wrapping paper designs of all types, so whether you want to go big with colorful wrapping paper or keep it minimal with a delicate brown covering, your gift tags will always look great.

Purchase Custom Tags for Gifts & Handmade Items Today
With Name Maker, you can use gift tags for store-bought or handmade items of all kinds to show your recipient you care about the small details that make gift-giving great. Use them for birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries or even random acts of kindness for your family and friends and watch them smile wide as they read your personalized gift label. Don't wait; order today. If you have any questions about how we make our gift tags, please reach out to us. Or you can check out our FAQ page. We hope you'll consider adding an extra touch of love to your gifts with gift labels from Name Maker.