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Create Your Very Own Custom Tags For Clothing & Accessories

You've spent a lot of time designing and crafting your creations. Why not brand your apparel with a quality clothing tag and give it that unique, customized touch customers look for? When you want to brand your creations or simply label them with a name or contact information, there's no better solution than a clothing tag. Custom tags for clothing are soft to the touch and colorfast, so they'll never fade or wash out.

Custom clothing tags can be used for a variety of purposes. From adding that personal touch and branding to your custom creations to labeling clothing for a loved one at camp, college or a nursing home, personalized clothing tags are incredibly useful. Choose your own logo, branding or wording to personalize your clothing tag. Custom orders come with several options to choose from to make the design your very own. From colorful borders and "sewn by" designs to specialty logos and whimsical artwork, there's a design for every style and aesthetic. Not finding what you're looking for? Our design team will work with you to create custom clothing tags you'll absolutely love.

At NameMaker, we have affordable solutions for every order size. So, whether you're purchasing a few personalized clothing tags for your child's clothing or you need bulk clothing tags for your clothing brand, we have the solutions to fit your needs. Discover the quality and longevity of NameMaker clothing tags today.

NameMaker Clothing Tag Options

At NameMaker, we offer several types of custom clothing tags. But what's the difference between our personalized clothing tags? Keep reading to find out and discover the best option for your needs. Have a question about customization or your bulk order? Reach out today.

1. Printed Clothing Tags
Our printed custom tags for clothing use indelible (non-fading) printing ink. We run these tags through a variety of specialty processes in which the ink is machine stamped or printed onto the clothing tag material.
2. Completely Woven Clothing Tags
Our 100% woven personalized clothing tags are manufactured on a loom. You can tell a tag is completely woven by turning it over and seeing the threads.
3. Woven Clothing Tags with Printing
This combination clothing tag utilizes both processes of weaving and printing. This allows us to loom large quantities of woven clothing tags with colorful designs and then customize them using a special printing process.
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