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Here are the items you will need from us. 
(It takes approx. a yard to make each wand- So 10 yards will make 10 wands)
10 yard rolls of 7/8" and/or 1 1/2" personalized satin ribbon in the following colors:
You will need to purchase the following items from your local craft store:
1. small wooden dowels 12" in length (they come in packs of 24 or so)
2. 1 can brown spray paint
3. sand paper
4. styrofoam to fit the container you choose
5. a container- we used a round hat box.
6. craft letters (you can find in the scrapbooking section)
7. hot glue gun and glue sticks
8. double sided sticky tape
To assemble:
1. spray your wooden dowels with the spray paint-let dry.
2. after the dowels are dry-sand them with sand paper to give them a weathered look (this is optional)
3. cut the ribbon into 1 yard lengths.
4. tie ribbon onto ends of dowels- add a bead of hot glue to ensure it holds.
5. cover your container with gift wrap using double side sticky tape
6. apply craft letters (wording of your choice) to front of container
7. cut styrofoam to fit into container
8. stick ribbon wands into the styrofoam
9. YOU'RE DONE- place them out for wedding guests (no more bird seed or confetti to clean up!)

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