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Assisted Living Labels

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Nursing Care and assisted living labels and stickers help residents keep track of their clothing and non clothing items. Our assisted living name tags can save an elder patients life by helping identify patients with Alzheimer's or dementia, allergies or other serious medical conditions. Label all of your nursing care patients items with our non fade, laundry safe labels. Our clothing labels are guaranteed to stay on your clothing for the life of the garment and our waterproof stickers for assisted living patients can withstand high heat dishwashers, microwaves and freezers

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Leading Manufacturers of Clothing Labels, Kids Labels, Iron On Labels, & Sewing Labels since 1938. Our iron on label quality is unmatched and our kids labels are the best on the market. We guarantee that our clothing labels will withstand the life of your garment. Name Maker also has trained artisans who personalize Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Napkins, Stickers, Bags & Boxes. All of these personalized products are made in our warehouse using our unique 9 step process.

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